about me

Welcome to my blog.  I read somewhere that writing an excellent About Me page is very important.  I'm not really sure what that means or how to do that, so I'll just try telling you a bit about myself.

I married a firefighting, camo-wearing, pick-up driving, tall, dark, handsome, and very neat man.  I am messy. Yes, I drive him crazy.

I am Momma to the sweetest young man a momma could ask for.  Sometimes I wonder about the second child I could never have but most of the time being a mom to just one is pretty darn special.  He has me all to himself and we have so much fun together.  I am so blessed.

Some random stuff...I am a shy introvert.  I love that moment when it's so quiet in the house that even the fridge is not running.  I feel clausterphobic in crowds.  I am a country girl and could not imagine it any other way.  I like the mountains more than the beach.  A lake in the mountains, even better.  Fall is hands down my favorite time of year.  Dove dark chocolate, Lands End Starfish knit pants, reading blogs = happiness.

I suffered from endometriosis from around the age of 14 until my hysterectomy at the age of 34, when my surgeon gave me back my life.  He's my hero.  Well, one of them anyway.

I am slightly obsessed with decorating and I love to make pretty things.  Well, more often than not, I love enjoying the finished pretty things more than making them.  That would explain why I have way more ideas than finished projects.

I don't like worrying about proper grammar.  If you're one of those who is bothered by that sort of thing, consider yourself warned.

I work one day a week for my sister and brother-in-law at their auction house located at Green Dragon* (bonus points if you know what the Green Dragon is) and I like it.  The irony of the last few words of that sentence is that I hate going to auctions.  They are long and loud and very boring (my apologies if you love going to auctions).  Working at one is more fun though, since part of the time I'm working in the office with my mom and the other part I sit up front by the auctioneer and get to watch people while I clerk.  Believe me when I say that some very interesting people come through that place!  *it's a farmer's market :)

I am a very sentimental woman.  I find great joy in surrounding myself with meaningful tokens from my life.  I love to hide little reminders of what matters to me in plain sight.  That is why I decided to call my blog Crowns & Clay.  I am the broken clay vessel and my heavenly father has made me his own.  It's about the contrast of who we are, and who we are in Christ.

Around 10 years ago I signed up for a writing class in the neighboring town (hint: recently crowned the coolest small town in America - any guesses?).  At the time I was writing monthly devotionals for our church newsletter and I wanted to get a bit more comfortable in this area so far from my comfort zone.  I never expected to love it.  So here I am, going public with my words.  Thanks for visiting!